From the Editor

2020 has proven to be a year of adaptability and fortitude.

The impact that the Coronavirus has had, on our world, is undeniable. When we shift our lens from the macro to micro-view we can see opportunity and a renewed urgency for healthier infrastructure. New budget challenges caused uncertainty. The future of capital infrastructure projects were up in the air. The reliance on third-party financing mechanisms, to leverage private sector dollars to fund public sector infrastructure, became a necessity.

Over the last eight months, Energy Services Media evolved our delivery method, from print to digital, due to our audience’s shift to working remotely. Through this activity, we have expanded our reach and built our online presence. This issue marks the launch of our e-magazine format. While we grow digitally, we find print valuable and are looking to incorporate it in 2021.

In the Winter 20/21 issue, you will find stories of persistence and ingenuity. This issue kicks-off with a feature on the Cartwright School District’s approach to developing and executing an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) during the global pandemic. Following, you will find key articles that include the launch of an Energy-Efficiency-as-a-Service pilot program by municipality-owned utility Seattle City Light, and a look into the University of Maryland’s journey with Public-Private Partnerships to manage their energy system. 

We thank our readers for the continued support. We look forward to 2021 bringing stability and hope.

Julie Chesna, Founder & Editor-in-Chief