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We are back!

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Energy Services Media was built to be a media source for the energy services industry. In the fall of 2019, we published the first issue of Energy Services Today, a magazine with in-depth interviews from top industry professionals. To get a feel of our vision, here is an excerpt from our inaugural issue:

When we first became exposed to the energy services industry, we saw broad examples of innovation going unnoticed. We met people who were changing and improving their organizations, who were under-recognized. We found organizations, big and small, that were forging ahead into the world of sustainability using new technologies and customized financial models. Many existing media platforms overlooked the accomplishments of the industry. Out of this research came the idea for Energy Services Today. 

Today‚Äôs energy services market consists of projects with 20-30 year paybacks that address whole building retrofits. Public-Private Partnerships are stretching projects and financing terms to 40 years. Energy services projects are addressing under-funded projects such as deferred maintenance, resiliency, and renewable energy. As a Service Models are becoming a standard part of the dialog. This seems to be only the beginning of a new age in energy services. Other complicating issues such as grid reliability, limited water resources, and greenhouse gas emissions ensure that the energy services industry will evolve, adapt and attract new people into the industry. 

Our content is curated through the knowledge and experience of the industry. This is conducted through interviews and research with industry leaders and experts.

The readers of Energy Services Today range from prominent experts to those who may just be learning about the industry for the first time. The publication targets the public sector; K-12, Higher Education, State/Local Government, and Federal Gov. Markets.

Over the course of two years, we published three editions of the Energy Services Today magazine, which can be found here.

After a brief hiatus due to the impacts of the pandemic, we are excited to be back! This is an exciting time to be a part of the energy services industry, and we are here to cover it! This time around, Energy Services Today will have a digital presence accompanying a print magazine which will be published two to three times a year. We are in the process of transferring archived print articles into a digital format.

We hope this publication serves as a resource and tool to share stories, successes, and information about this rapidly growing industry.

– Julie Chesna, Editor in Chief

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