Washington On March 10th, 2020, the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE), a trade association with over 50 members, announced the appointment of the new Chairman of the Board of Directors, Emily Duncan, Esq., Director of Federal Government Relations, National Grid US. The Council also announced Jon Sohn, U.S. Director of Government Relations for Capital Power, as a new Board member, and the America Public Gas Association as a new Associate member. The new leadership and the expanded membership bolster the Council’s mission to educate decision-makers and advocate for policies that support a diverse portfolio of energy options in the U.S. and ensure access to affordable, reliable and clean energy solutions.

Emily Duncan, Esq., BCSE Chairman and Director of Federal Government Relations for National Grid US

As the politics of Washington, D.C. and beyond become more polarized, pragmatic coalitions like the Council play a critical role in keeping discussions focused on viable solutions to America’s energy needs,” said Ms. Duncan. “States around the country are working to develop and integrate clean energy resources; we believe that energy efficiency, renewable energy, and natural gas complement each other in our evolving energy system. The Council is proud to bring together stakeholders from across the industry to find practical solutions to secure our country’s energy future.”

Lisa Jacobson, President of BCSE said “The Council is committed to enacting policies that will accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy. It offers business perspectives to ensure that policies are aligned with what consumers are demanding in terms of sustainable energy solutions and what the scientific community says we need to achieve to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Under the leadership of Ms. Duncan, we will continue to work across party lines towards a diversified and sustainable energy system.”

 Jon Sohn, on behalf of Capital Power, said “We joined the Council because the energy efficiency, natural gas and renewables sectors are stronger together. For over 27 years, the Council has maintained a reputation for education based on facts and advocacy based on consensus. Capital Power is looking forward to participating in the Council’s constructive approach, finding new partnerships and synergies and working together towards a sustainable energy system.”

 On behalf of the American Public Gas Association, President and CEO Dave Schryver said “Public gas utilities are dedicated to efficiency, service, and affordability. Our members provide reliable energy to the communities they serve, and they should be a part of this country’s clean energy future conversation. The Council helps to bring the stories and needs of public gas utilities to the forefront of relevant policy discussions and provides resources to educate our members on ongoing changes in the U.S. energy system.”

 Outgoing BCSE Board Chairman Mark Wagner said “It has been an honor to work with Ms. Jacobson and the dedicated members of the Council over the past 6 years. BCSE is a one of a kind organization and provides distinct business perspectives to policymakers and the public. With Ms. Duncan’s leadership and the growing diversity and ambition of the BCSE membership, I have no doubt that the Council will continue to be a leader in national and international clean energy and climate policy.”


BCSE is a coalition of companies and trade associations from the energy efficiency, natural gas and renewable energy sectors, and also includes investor-owned utilities, public power, independent power producers, project developers, equipment manufacturers, and environmental and energy market service providers. Established in 1992, the Council advocates for policies that expand the use of commercially-available clean energy technologies, products and services. For more information on the Council, please visit: www.bcse.org and download Sustainable Energy in America Factbook 2018 edition for the latest industry information.

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