Christina Calaway CLMC, CLEP launches Spark Media, a Freelance Marketing Firm

Christina Calaway CLMC, CLEP got her start in the lighting industry in 1997 selling Pulse Start metal halide to commercial and industrial contractors. The new, energy efficient HID lamps were the start of a 20 year career in the energy industry.  Christina took a bold risk and left to partner in her own Manufacturer’s Agency and held the GE Lighting line for 7 years.  Since the adoption of LED technology, Christina has focused on the retrofit lighting management segment and serves on the board of directors of NALMCO, the InterNational Association of Lighting Management Companies.  She also earned two prominent credentials, CLMC and CLEP, certifying her knowledge of lighting management and lighting efficiency.  These certifications have strengthened Christina’s position as a trusted resource for her clientele.

Despite COVID, Christina launched her own company, SPARK MEDIA, a freelance marketing services firm to aid her lighting connections in their marketing efforts.  Acknowledging a need for smaller lighting companies, contractors, ESCO’s, and consultants who may lack the budget or time to create marketing content to grow their brand – SPARK MEDIA was born. The company’s purpose is to create content in the unique language of the industry and utilize Christina’s 20 + years of experience and network connections to grow their business.

SPARK MEDIA offers simple services at affordable prices to companies who need to grow their brand awareness and keep top of mind to their customers.

For more information, contact Christina Calaway CLMC, CLEP directly at 440-813-0957 or email at [email protected].