City of South Euclid Partners with Leopardo Energy to Save Taxpayers Over $6M Guaranteed

Source: Leopardo Energy

The City of South Euclid, Ohio has partnered with Leopardo Energy to repair and upgrade numerous facilities across the city. This capital creation project will generate more than $300,000 in annual operational savings, with guaranteed savings totaling more than $6 million over the next 20 years.

Work will take place at the South Euclid city hall, police department, fire department, community center, city parks and service center. Repairs and upgrades will include lighting replacements, HVAC and building automation, building envelope improvements for both doors and windows, facade improvements, new roofing, plumbing upgrades, elevator and lift upgrades, parking lot and concrete, as well as various interior solutions. The project also has the potential to stimulate the local economy through the generation of between 60 and 225 jobs.

Leopardo Energy collaborates with local government organizations to renew facilities while simultaneously increasing energy efficiency and decreasing operational costs across multiple departments—all without the need for new capital expenditures. Investigating numerous traditional and non-traditional operational cost-reduction measures, including lighting, HVAC, building envelope, building automation upgrades, fleet fuel conversion, fleet leasing, information technology and telecommunications, Leopardo Energy invests an organization’s existing utility and operational waste into improving the environment and addressing infrastructure needs, guaranteeing maximum savings.

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