JCI Awards $23 million Fort Bragg Contract to ECM Holding Group

Source: ECM Holding Group

Three ECM groups recently combined to win a $23-million Johnson Controls (JCI) contract at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. This contract is noteworthy for its size, multi-disciplinary scope, and innovative management system.

ECM is providing energy efficiency measures to 6,096 housing units. Few specialty energy contractors provide measures in multiple disciplines, and when they do, those services are usually coordinated independently.

ECM is managing Building Envelope Solutions, Aqua Engineering, and LIT (Lighting Technologies) crews at Fort Bragg with a single point-of-contact. We call it the 1-Touch PMTM system. ECM coordinates information between LIT, Aqua, and BES project managers to optimize deliveries, set-ups, installations, etc. across the entire 163,000-acre complex.

Working with JCI, Corvias Property Management, and the Fort Bragg facilities staff, the ECM team is retrofitting 1,653 water heaters, 6,096 thermostats, 18,023 toilets, 187,528 lamps, 5,450 water meters, plus weatherizing and HVAC services for 2,728 units. Each will receive from 4 to 7 retrofit measures as needed.

As ECM president Erik Larson said, “Fort Bragg needs to get a lot done at each residence. It makes more sense for our contractors to coordinate, rather than to involve JCI in all the logistical details. We’re excited about this opportunity to showcase our 1-Touch PM on this high-visibility project.

By managing multiple measures with 1-Touch PM, ECM reduces complexity for its customers. This benefits project development (auditing, documentation, value engineering, etc.), on-site coordination (no emergency calls when schedules change and just one phone call for status reports), and facility use/occupant comfort during construction.

ECM has long developed and managed multiple-measure projects, so providing 1-Touch PM at Fort Bragg is just a great example of how they have been doing business for years.

About ECM Holding Group, LLC: ECM provides energy conservation technologies and project solutions through 6 specialized companies to the leading Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and corporate clients in North America.
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