Nenni & Associates Announces Three New Managing Partners

Nenni & Associates is pleased to announce the appointments of Sean Bayless, Corey Kravitz, and Jim Schafer to key positions in our leadership team designated specifically to promote growth for Executive Search and Consulting services.  The strategic promotion of these key leaders is in recognition of our customer and employee’s needs with a focus on growth, while continuing to serve our core clients in the energy services/building efficiency industry.

Sean Bayless started his career with Nenni in 2011 and has been leading a team in our HVAC/Mechanical services vertical market.  In his new role as Managing Partner, Sean will provide sales strategy, coaching, and development for the entire organization, while continuing to lead a team and provide guidance and support to his clients.

Corey Kravitz brings 10 years of experience with Nenni to his new role dedicated to the optimization of process and execution within our organization. In his new role as Managing Partner, Corey will seek to maximize efficiency by identifying key areas of growth to be made within our organization, while continuing to lead a strong and successful team focused on Energy Solutions and Building Technologies.

Jim Schafer started his career with Nenni in 2009 and has been leading a team focused on our Lighting and Energy Savings Performance Contracting business units.  In his new role as Managing Partner, Jim will focus on new marketing initiatives, effectively expanding our brand. Additionally, he will leverage his decade of sales experience to implement internal sales training best practices. While in this role, Jim will continue to lead a team and serve his core clients.

“Over the last ten years, I have been honored to watch these three individuals embody the servant leadership principles so critical to serving our clients and team in an ever-evolving marketplace. I am proud to announce this critical step in recognizing their contributions and entrusting their unique strengths to help us navigate the future.”Michael Nenni


Nenni and Associates has been serving our clients for nearly twenty years. Founded by Michael Nenni, our  consultants have earned the role of trusted advisors to leaders of the energy and infrastructure industries.  We offer key insights into business opportunities, provide solutions that leverage strengths, and propel  organizations along the path to growth and increased performance. 

The Nenni and Associates team are strategic partners in multiple facets of the energy and infrastructure  services sector. We strive to continuously support our clients with their hiring needs and overall organization  health. We are here to serve our clients as the market changes and be “in the moment” with market intel as  we look to the future together.