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California Energy Commission Awards Plug Load Grant to the University of California San Diego, Johnson Controls and BERT

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BERT, the leading supplier of advanced smart plug control solutions for commercial buildings, announced that the California Energy Commission (CEC) awarded a $1,028,000 grant to the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) to demonstrate the benefits of integrating Bert’s smart plug load controls into existing building energy management systems.

UCSD will install and integrate 2,500 Bert® Smart Plugs with Johnson Controls’ Metasys® Building Automation System throughout 10 campus buildings. The project will demonstrate that the integration of advanced smart plug load controls with an existing building automation system reduces building plug load energy usage by 20% and facilitates load shifting.

The winning grant application was submitted by UCSD’s Center for Energy Research (CER). CER creates flexible demand solutions for the growing challenges of energy supply, distribution, and utilization. “BERT was the logical partner because of their extensive integration experience. The BERT/Metasys® solution will help UCSD manage and reduce energy consumption more dynamically in response to grid and building needs” says Dr. Jan Kleissl, CER Director and Professor in the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering.

“The project award validates BERT’s strategy of adding value to existing energy management systems by enabling these systems to manage, monitor and control plug loads. At UCSD, our BACnet/IP Software Integration Gateway, Bert Connect, enables rapid and cost-effective integration into Johnson Controls’ Metasys® system,” says BERT CEO Scott J. Yetter.

The Power of BERT

With 60,000 Berts installed in over 1,300 buildings, school districts, colleges, state/local governments, and sporting venues save over 10 million kWh annually with BERT. By plugging devices into the IoT-enabled Bert Smart Plugs or wiring circuits with the IoT-enabled Bert Inline Series, commercial buildings remotely manage and monitor devices while collecting building data from loads ranging from 120V/15A to 277V/20A.

BERT is well-suited for both new construction and retrofit projects as either a standalone system or integrated into existing building energy management systems. BERT installs quickly so energy savings are immediate with an ROI ranging from 1 to 7 years. BERT is often included in performance contracts from ABM, Ameresco, Constellation, Energy System Group, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, McKinstry, Noresco, Schneider Electric, Siemens, and Trane.

Learn more about how commercial buildings save energy and improve efficiency with BERT by visiting http://www.bertbrain.com.

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