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ESPC Request for Qualifications, Roosevelt School District (WA)

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In Preparation for an Energy Savings Performance Contract

Issued by:

Roosevelt School District

Roosevelt, Washington


The Roosevelt School District Board of Roosevelt, Washington, is seeking the submission of qualifications and energy services proposals from qualified and interested firms that are capable of providing comprehensive energy management and energy-related capital improvement services for the buildings described within this Request for Proposal (RFP). All energy and energy related capital improvements will be developed with a guaranteed cost and energy savings plan to demonstrate and verify reductions in the operating budget for the buildings in accordance with the Washington RCW 39.35A.030, Energy Services Performance Contracting.

Project Scope

The goal of the School District is to reduce energy consumption through a 100 kW Ground Mounted Solar Photovoltaic renewable energy project. The Roosevelt School District Board is considering this renewable project for:

Roosevelt Elementary School

Roosevelt School District

615 Chinook Ave

Roosevelt, WA 99356

It will be the responsibility of the selected firm to develop guaranteed maximum costs and the energy production for the Department of Commerce and TransAlta Grant scopes of work as follows:

A Ground Mounted 100 kW Photo-Voltaic Solar Array that is net metered through the high school’s main meter.
The successful Energy Services Company (ESCO) will have presented the best overall project financially, most complete, and shovel ready project.
Submittal Requirements

The ESCO’s submitting an RFP must have demonstrated technical and managerial capability across a broad range of energy, design, construction, operations and maintenance areas. The School District will consider the following background and experience factors in the evaluation of all proposals. Response to this section is mandatory.

Qualifications of the Firm

The School District may award a contract to the firm that, in its sole opinion, is most capable of providing the range of services described and anticipated by this RFP, and in the long-term best interest of the District. To be considered for this project, an energy services provider must provide the following information:

The ESCO’s Company Overview and financial stability, insurance levels, and bonding capacity.
ESCO’s Safety Rating (EMR of .46 or better)
ESCO’s ESPC Process in detail. Firm should detail their steps on the Preliminary Energy Analysis, Investment Grade Audit, Design, Construction, and Measurement and Verification.
At least (5) In State Reference Projects with a contact person that can attest to the quality of the firm’s past work.
ESCO’s experience on similar energy related projects. Include Scope, GMAX Cost, Guaranteed Savings, whether grants were included or not, rebate incentives, and whether there was a surplus or shortfall of the energy savings, and client contact with contact information.
ESCO should explain their plan to work during the school year.
ESCO’s ability to effectively communicate with the School District and Board, as necessary.
Resume of each person on the ESCO’s project team.
Is or has your firm been a party to suits, claims or similar actions related to:
a) Energy guarantee disputes

b) Construction claims relating to performance or delay

c) OSHA, labor relations or similar issues effecting the progress of the work

d) If yes to any of the above, provide a summary and status of the issue, under separate attachment, to the response to this RFP (This information will be treated confidentially by the school board).

The Energy Services Proposal (ESP) with the Guaranteed Maximum Costs, Guaranteed Energy Savings will be submitted with the RFQ portion of the response. The ESP will contain at a minimum the following elements:
a) Executive Summary

b) Facility Description

c) Scope of Work per FIM

d) Utility Data, Energy Calculation and Measurement and Verification Methodology per FIM.

e) Construction activities

f) Financial Section

Failure to have these basic elements will disqualify the ESCO.

Proposal Evaluation Process

The Roosevelt School District’s evaluation and selection process require that the appropriate specifications and terms of the RFQ/P be included in the supplier’s submission.

The District may:

Reject any or all proposals.
Issue a subsequent request for proposals.
Cancel the request for proposal.
Approve or disapprove the use of a particular subcontractor.
Approve or disapprove the use of a particular manufacturer.
Modify any requirements contained within the RFP and request a revised submission from all suppliers.
Accept the written energy services proposal as an offer, without negotiation, and issue a notice to proceed.
Establish other evaluation criteria determined to be in the best interest of the school board.
Note: This RFP does not commit Roosevelt School District to negotiate a contract, nor does it obligate the above mentioned to pay for any cost incurred in the preparation and submission of proposal or in anticipation of a contract. The Roosevelt School District reserves the right to contract with any of the firms responding to this RFP based solely upon its judgment of the qualifications and capabilities of the firm.

Economy of Proposals

Proposals should be prepared simply and economically and give a straightforward and concise description of the consultant’s capabilities to satisfy the requirements of the project. Special bindings, colored displays, etc. are not necessary. Emphasis should be placed on completeness and clarity of content as is typical for an AHRAE level II audit and GMAX pricing proposal with detailed scopes of work descriptions. The successful ESCO will negotiate their fee for the Investment Grade Audit (IGA) proposal. This cost will be included in the Guaranteed Maximum Construction Cost.

Submission Deadline

An emailed copy of your proposal RFP, or an emailed or thumb drive PDF electronic submission must be received no later than 2:00pm, May 21, 2021, at the following address:

Brett Cox, Superintendent of Schools

Roosevelt School District

615 Chinook Ave

Roosevelt, WA 99356

[email protected]

(509) 384-5462

Our goal is to enter a contract with a qualified firm no later than May 21, 2021.

The RFP response and energy services proposal may be either mailed, emailed, or hand delivered. The school board is not responsible for late delivery caused by the Postal Service or private carriers. Any qualifications received after the deadline will not be evaluated.

All submittals become the sole and unrestricted property of the school board. The content of all submittals will be held confidential until the selection of a consultant is made. Any proprietary information in a submittal must be designed clearly and should be bound separately and labeled with the words “PROPRIETARY INFORMATION.” Appropriate references to this information must appear in the body of the qualifications. An entire submittal marked “PROPRIETARY INFORMATION” will not be accepted.

Consultants should be aware that the school board is required by law to make its records available for public inspection with certain exceptions. It is the school board’s belief that this legal obligation would not require the disclosure of proprietary, descriptive literature that contains valuable designs, drawings, or documentation. However, the consultant, by submission of materials marked “PROPRIETARY”, acknowledges that the school board will have no obligation or liability to the consultant in the event that either must disclose these materials.

Requests for Information
Any requests for clarification or additional information regarding this RFP shall be submitted in writing to the following address:

Brett Cox, Superintendent of Schools

Roosevelt School District

615 Chinook Ave

Roosevelt, WA 99356

[email protected]

(509) 384-5462

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