ECM earns JCI 2022 Customer Driven Supplier Leadership Award, Fort Bragg


ECM successfully finalized all lighting, water, HVAC, and weatherization projects at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. This $25 million Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI) contract is noteworthy for its cost, scale, multi-disciplinary scope, innovative project management, and for earning ECM the 2022 Customer Driven Supplier Leadership Award. ECM provided multiple energy efficiency measures to almost 7,000 housing units. Most specialty energy subcontractors only offer measures within a single trade discipline. And subcontractors which offer more than one trade seldom coordinate operations between trades on-site.

At Fort Bragg, ECM delivered measures from 4 trade disciplines through a unified command structure called 1-Touch PM™. It is possible that Fort Bragg is the largest multi-discipline project in ESCO industry history to be delivered with comprehensive sub-contractor coordination.

ECM managed its internal teams at Fort Bragg – Building Envelope Solutions, Aqua Engineering, HVAC Armor, and ECM Lighting – with the single point-of-contact. ECM coordinated information between trade project managers to optimize deliveries, set-ups, installations, etc. across the entire 163,000-acre complex.

The ECM team successfully retrofitted over 1,600 water heaters, 6,000 thermostats, 18,000 toilets, 187,000 lamps, and 5,400 water meters. They also weatherized over 2,700 units and installed new HVAC systems in most of them.

The ECM 1-Touch PM system reduced project complexity for JCI and Fort Bragg. This improved many aspects of their upgrade experience: project development (auditing, documentation, value engineering, etc.), on-site coordination (fewer emergency calls when schedules change and just one phone call for status reports), and improved facility use/occupant comfort during construction. ECM is pleased to announce the completion of this ambitious project and wants to thank partners JCI and Fort Bragg for making this huge, multi-measure project a big success. This success was recognized by Johnson Controls with a 2022 Supplier Leadership Award to be presented this fall.