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NAESCO Unites Federal Government Officials with Energy Services Companies at Upcoming Federal Market Workshop


By Energy Services Media

We are weeks away from the distinguished Federal Market Workshop hosted by the National Association of Energy Services Companies (NAESCO). The event brings together federal government officials, ESCOs, and suppliers to discuss the future of the industry during an exciting time in building energy efficiency. There have been a lot of changes in the past few years that make attendance vital for anyone working in or interested in breaking into this space. Recent developments from the Biden-Harris Administration have set objectives that will bring in efficiency savings for taxpayers and incentivize creative business solutions to tackle the Administration’s overall goals for net zero emissions.

One such change by the Biden-Harris Administration is the Federal Building Performance Standard set on December 7, 2022, for all newly renovated and newly constructed federal buildings. The goal is for all buildings in scope to reduce their emissions by 90% by 2025. This is a big step towards helping the Administration reach its goal of meeting net zero emissions by 2045, saving taxpayers millions of dollars each year. It’s estimated that some 300,000 buildings are in scope for this effort.

Another development is the new addition to this Administration’s National Building Performance Standard Coalition, which started on January 11, 2022, and brought state and local governments together to reduce emissions for existing buildings. California recently committed to this standard, bringing more buildings in scope towards lowering emissions. This is a crucial step to achieving President Biden’s benchmarks for reducing our nation’s emissions and ensuring security for our energy grid.

The NAESCO workshop is an opportunity to understand what has been recently achieved and what’s on the horizon within the federal market. ESCOs are a critical part of the energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs) that make these objectives a reality. The partnerships between ESCOs, contractors, utilities, and clients make these projects successful. The workshop is a great place to learn how these projects come to life.

Through ESPCs, ESCOs and service providers upgrade HVAC systems, lighting, water management, indoor air quality, smart metering, and more to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings while increasing cost savings and resiliency for customers and communities. Since 1990, ESCOs have delivered $70 billion in projects paid from savings and saved 480 million tons of carbon emissions.

Wes Walker, NAESCO Board Chair and Veregy CEO

“Across the United States, NAESCO member companies are playing a pivotal role in driving the energy transition and accelerating emissions reductions through building retrofits. The Federal Market Workshop is a premier opportunity to share best practices, boost collaboration, and plan for a sustainable future for all,” according to NAESCO Board Chair and Veregy CEO Wes Walker.

It is rare to have the chance to meet and hear from leaders across the industry. Below is a sneak peek into the major topics being covered by this event. The detailed agenda can be found on NAESCO’s site here.

Event’s Agenda

Session 1: Leverage Federal Funding with Performance Contracting

Session 2: What’s on the Horizon for Performance Contracting

Session 3: Let’s Hear from the Hill!

Session 4: The Department of Defense Panel Update

Note that the event will take place on March 9th in Washington, DC, with a pre-reception the night before. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to gain knowledge on the future of the federal market, especially for those companies looking to take advantage of the growing opportunity in the years to come. Visit the Federal Market Workshop event page to learn more.

(Additional Insights) In October 2022, the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) acknowledged and awarded Kessler Air Base on the completion of a $64.6M ESPC with NORESCO. The base will advance its resiliency, security, and renewable energy usage and reduce deferred maintenance and energy costs. Here is the full list of 2022 projects awarded by FEMP.

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