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School District of Philadelphia Achieves Energy Efficiency Milestones at Local Schools

PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA, May 1, 2024 / — Energia is pleased to share information about two GESA (Guaranteed Energy Savings Act) projects that are emblematic of our efforts to help improve the condition of schools in Philadelphia and provide 21st-century learning environments for District students and staff. The District completed an energy efficiency project at Lowell Elementary School (GESA 1.3) and the commencement of construction at FitzPatrick Elementary School (GESA 1.4). Both of these projects are being completed through the District’s relationship with Energia, an engineering firm specializing in energy-saving facility improvements.

GESA 1.3, implemented at Lowell Elementary School, has enhanced Lowell’s energy conservation measures (ECMs) in order to reduce the school’s carbon footprint. The project, which had an M/WBE participation rate of 63%, encompassed $19.4M in capital upgrades to modernize the school learning environment and will also generate $44,161 annually in energy savings. This project included the installation of new LED interior and exterior lighting, a high-efficiency boiler replacement with natural gas conversion, a new central chiller, the addition of full cooling capabilities, digital temperature control systems, electrical system upgrades, heat and ventilation improvements, student education initiatives, and water conservation measures. The District believes these improvements will support a more comfortable learning environment for students.

“We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of GESA 1.3 at Lowell Elementary School,” said Oz Hill, Chief Operating Officer of the School District of Philadelphia. “This project represents our commitment to sustainability and responsible resource management within our educational facilities.”

Simultaneously, the District began the construction phase of GESA 1.4 at FitzPatrick Elementary School. The project, which will have an M/WBE participation rate of 35%, encompasses $21.6M in capital upgrades and will generate $27,360 annually in energy savings. Due to the complexity and size of the building, which includes two steam boilers and steam pipe loops serving different sides of the school, this project will be staged over two summers.

“This summer, we are installing one boiler and converting half of the building to a hot water system,” explained Dave Newman, Vice President of Engineering at Energia. “This staged approach ensures minimal disruption to the school’s operations while allowing us to implement critical energy efficiency upgrades.”

The FitzPatrick project will convert one side of the building to hot water heating during the first winter, utilizing the new boiler, while the other half continues to operate with the existing steam system and boiler. The remaining conversion will be completed during the subsequent summer. This approach aims to minimize disruptions to the school environment during a large-scale conversion.

FitzPatrick will receive new LED lighting, new temperature controls, steam-to-hot water conversion, and central cooling, demonstrating the School District’s ongoing commitment to sustainable practices and providing students with a comfortable and environmentally conscious learning environment.

Energia leads the country in successful energy projects by serving as the Technical Owner’s Representative. Owners enjoy the many benefits of renewable and other energy-related facility improvements, while ensuring a smooth process, quality control, and maximum financial return. Founded in 1998, Energia has successfully completed more than 140 energy projects across the country. These projects have produced over $1 billion in energy-saving improvements. For more information, visit

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