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Sourcewell Purchasing Cooperative: Opens RFP for Energy Savings Performance Contracting with Related Services

Sourcewell, formerly known as the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA), is a government agency that provides cooperative purchasing solutions to public entities across the United States and Canada. Established in 1978, Sourcewell has evolved into a trusted partner for schools, colleges, universities, non-profit organizations, and government entities looking to streamline their procurement processes.

What is Cooperative Purchasing?

Cooperative purchasing is a procurement method where multiple organizations join together to leverage their collective buying power. This approach helps entities obtain goods and services at more competitive prices, reducing costs and administrative burdens. Sourcewell facilitates this process by conducting competitive solicitations on behalf of its members, ensuring compliance with local and national procurement standards.

Energy Savings Performance Contracting with Related Services Contract

Sourcewell is currently accepting proposals for Energy Savings Performance Contracting with Related Services. This initiative aims to help public entities improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability. Qualified vendors are invited to submit their proposals to participate in this program, which will offer members access to innovative energy-saving solutions and services.

For more information about the current proposal opportunities for Energy Savings Performance Contracting with Related Services, visit the Sourcewell website.

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